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Department of Business and Economics
IRWP at the EAA Congress in Bergen

IRWP at the EAA in Norway: 44th Annual EAA Congress

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We are pleased to announce that the IRWP professorship will be represented 2 times at the EAA this year. The research work of the professorship will be presented and discussed at the conference. We are looking forward to a good research exchange!

The conference will be held in Bergen from 11.05.2022 to 13.05.2022. The presentations refer to the Working Paper "Does the EU Taxonomy for Green Investments affect Investor Judgment? An Experimental Study of Private and Professional German Investors" (Chrzan/Pott, 2021) as well as "COVID-19 Pandemic and Capital Markets: The Role of Government Responses" (Beer/Maniora/Pott, 2022).

44th Annual EAA Congress